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“The R3BAR has changed my training, and consequently, my performance significantly. The combination of strength and flexibility development is key to keeping me in the game. Whether I use it at the beginning or conclusion of my day, it is a vital tool in my overall well-being. I highly recommend it for everyone, ranging from someone looking to get into training to professional athletes.”

Spencer Hawes

10 Year NBA veteran


“The R3BAR is a must-have for physical therapists and trainers working with athletes of all levels. The design of R3BAR requires the athlete to utilize their own body in order to stabilize under resistance during both simple and complex movement patterns in all planes of motion. By adjusting the resistance levels, the tool can be incorporated into both early rehabilitative programming as well as more advanced, dynamic strength training. The tool and workouts provide immediate feedback to the athlete, increasing their awareness of body alignment and movement quality.”

Dr. Heather McGill

Sports Physical Therapist / Physical TheraPT


R3BAR is one of the most revolutionary and challenging workout tools I have used in my career thus far. I can feel it engaging different muscles in my body all at the same time that I never thought possible, and can honestly say I have seen tremendous improvement in my preformance in practice and in competition since I started using it”

Katja Pavicevic

Swimming Canada, Junior National Team Member

r3volutionary training system

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What is It?

The R3BAR is a portable Exercise Training Tool designed for Athletic Performance Enhancement, Pre-habilitation, Rehabilitation, Therapeutic & Active Recovery and for Improving overall freedom of mobility and movement.

The portable, strong and durable two-piece aluminum alloy tube can be securely connected at the center to form one uniform training tool. Each of the two individual pieces have slip resisted and durable soft foam rubber hand grips with specially designed rubber end-caps from which Elastic Bands of varying tensile strengths can be efficiently installed (and/or uninstalled) within securely embedded overlapping rubber grooves. The Disassembled R3BAR and resistive bands can easy fit into its customized and attractively designed R3BAR Carry on Bag for complete portability to execute exercises modalities whenever and wherever the space and conditions dictates.

What it Does?

The R3BAR and its systematic and progressive programming will teach the user to properly stabilize and mobilize the entire Kinetic Movement Chain. Itsprimary purpose is to train and teach the fundamental mobility necessary to establish and maintain optimum safe, efficient and productive full body mobility and posture. The R3BAR and its systematic and progressive programming will teach the user to properly stabilize and mobilize the entire Kinetic Movement Chain. It is not specifically focused on training individual muscles, but designed to train the Coordinated Movement necessary to establish correct fundamental movement patterns. The inverse of this approach to movement development will only lead to dysfunctions, lack of neuromuscular coordination, dysfunctional motor neural firing patterns, and joint/connective tissue stress – all of which will make the body vulnerable to injury and diminished athletic performance potential.


The R3BAR and its programming and applications is an effective tool for all levels and types of Elite Athletic Performance based environments, General Exercise Health & Wellness, Therapeutic & Active Recovery, Pre-habilitation, and Rehabilitation pursuits. Wherever and Whatever the environment and/or training goals, the R3BAR will be a welcomed and frequently used tool for the Human Movement Professional and active people who is committed to addressing and/or correcting Closed Kinetic Chain, Multiple Joint Movement Deficiencies and maintaining optimal levels of functional movement competency’s in Competitive Sport, General Exercise & Wellness, and for maintaining Functional Mobility throughout ones lifetime.